Engel makes his return to the cage in Shamrock FC Nemesis

Recently John Edwards of Shamrock FC Radio had a chance to interview the fighters of the Co-Main Event, Anthony Lemon and Mike Brazzle and Main Event Fighters James Warfield and Kevin Engel. The event takes place at Shamorkc FC Nemesis on September 13, 2014 at the River City Casino. Here are the transcripts of those interviews.

Shamrock FC Radio: You’re getting back into the cage after layoffs in an injury how are you feeling?

Kevin Engel: I’m feeling good and had a couple of surgeries and I’m fixed up and ready to go

Shamrock FC Radio: You are a veteran of professional boxer and an MMA fighter how is it getting ready for an MMA match versus a professional boxing match?

Kevin Engel: MMA is a lot different because you have to work your kick boxing with your wrestling and your Jiu Jitsu separately but you also have to practice him together and with boxing you only have to worry about the one thing MMA is much more to prepare for.

Shamrock FC Radio: Your opponent, James Warfield is familiar with you as a professional boxer and also familiar with what you can do in your martial arts disciplines, what will you do differently that he might not expect?

Kevin Engel: A lot of guys are surprised about how good I am on the ground. My opponents think I’m just a boxer and kickboxer but I’ve been working hard for years on my Jiu Jitsu my wrestling surprise guys when I am on the ground.

Shamrock FC Radio: Your opponent is looking forward to staying in a standing in the center of the cage and fighting with you is that what you’re looking forward to doing?

Kevin Engel: That’s what I’m always looking forward to do. I don’t take any fight at face value, we are both standup type of guys when it comes to fighting but that doesn’t mean he won’t try to take me down. So I’m prepared for everything but I would love the stand up and fight with anybody for 15 minutes.

Shamrock FC Radio: In talking with your opponent he predicted a victory but he did not say would he would knock you out but nonetheless he said he would get a victory in your hometown.

Kevin Engel: I don’t know about that I’ve been training pretty hard Is a very experienced well-rounded fighter But right now I’m training as hard as I can to pick up a win.

Shamrock FC Radio: Thank you for your time today and we look forward to seeing you back in the cage.

Kevin Engel: Thank you