Shamrock FC Shockwave: Interview with UFC Vet Adam Cella

Recently John Edwards of Shamrock FC Radio had a chance to sit down with UFC veteran Adam Cella. Cella takes on Bellator veteran Anthony Lemon in the Main Event of the Shamrock FC Shockwave card this Saturday night from Lumiere Place Hotel and Casino. This will be Adam’s first fight since being injured in June 2014.

Shamrock FC Radio: This is your first fight back since your fight with Luke Gwaltney, a fight you were injured in. How are you physically feeling?

Adam Cella: I feel pretty good. I am back sooner than expected, sparring and training just getting back into the routine again. For a while I was concerned taking kicks on that side but I have taken a few kicks plus I’ve been doing body conditioning, everything feels good and I’m ready to go.

Shamrock FC Radio: Did you take that match against Gwaltney lightly?

Adam Cella: No. I know Luke was tough and I have trained with him before, years and years before and I knew he was a gamer. During that fight, I don’t remember really ever landing anything super clean so it didn’t shock me he didn’t go out. It did shock me when he was standing above me yelling at me or while I was kicking him in the face. Other than that nothing really surprised me.

Shamrock FC Radio: How has camp been? You went out to Las Vegas and worked out there, who do you train with while in Vegas? What did you get out of camp out there?

Adam Cella: I have a coach out in Vegas named John Wood and he runs Syndicate MMA and my training partner out there is a Top 10 UFC vet named Mike Pyle and working with Mike really puts into perspective what you really need to work on. I got a good idea of what I need to work on and an idea of what I’m good at and what I need to do in this fight. But my main camp is here in St. Louis and I have the best camp here working with guys like UFC veteran Luigi Fioravanti, Ryan Sutton, Josh Weston, and young guys like Joaquin Buckley and Eric Steinberg who is coming back. This is the best camp in the Midwest you can possibly go to.

Shamrock FC Radio: Since you spent time with the UFC, how have your expectations changed and what is next for you?

Adam Cella: Honestly I want to get back there. I want to get back to the top level, I’m a realist, and do I ever see myself winning a world title? No. Like I’ve said all along this is just fun. But now I’m taking this a bit more serious, kinda getting a taste for what you can do for a few years of your life is kinda cool. So my plan is to take it more serious that I have in the past and really give it a shot, 2015 look out.

Shamrock FC Radio: You take on Anthony Lemon a Bellator veteran, what do you expect from Anthony?

Adam Cella: Lemon just fought a training partner of mine Kevin Engel and was submitted by triangle, I’m expecting him to come out hard, aggressive and look for a takedown, he will probably looking to end this quickly but I don’t mind making a short night for him.

Shamrock FC Radio: Do you have a prediction?

Adam Cella: I’m gonna try to knock him out to make a statement but I’ve been working on my Jiu Jitsu so I will have those to use too.

Shamrock FC Radio: Thanks for doing this.

Adam Cella: Thank you!