About Shamrock FC

Shamrock Fighting Championships is a professional mixed martial arts company based in St. Louis, Mo. Our goal is to offer fight fans the best experience MMA has to offer.

We bring fans fast-paced action and high-quality fights, all the while maintaining a professional atmosphere. We want our fans to walk away with a great experience, not just watching a fight.

Our events are located at the beautiful Lumiere Place Casino in St. Louis, the River City Casinos in St. Louis, the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, and the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City.



Shamrock Promotions was founded in 1998 to help develop young fighters in St. Louis, Missouri and create a promotion where fans could expect consistently high-quality shows. Our first event was held that year and was a sell out!

Headlined by the phrase “Las Vegas Style Fights,” our events were greatly supported by St. Louis fight fans. Shamrock Promotions had to change venues 4 times since 1998, to accommodate the demand for our sell-out shows.

In Early 2005, Shamrock Promotions branched out to start promoting events around the Midwest. Kansas City, Ks.; Springfield, Il.; and Decatur Il. are cities where Shamrock Promotions holds MMA events regularly.

As result of success, Shamrock Promotions found itself in the consulting area of a fastly growing combat sports industry. In 2007, Shamrock signed with Chuck Norris’s World Combat League to run all televised live events.

Shamrock Promotions’ reputation soon found its way to Scott Coker, CEO of Strikeforce, and in 2009 Shamrock Promotions partnered with Strikforce and Showtime to bring the first world-wide televised MMA event to St. Louis. Since 2009, Shamrock Promotions continues to work with Strikeforce to bring MMA to the Midwest, helping to organize and run shows like FightME MMA as well.

In 2011, Shamrock Promotions founded Shamrock Fighting Championships. In 2012, all 6 Shamrock FC events sold out in advance. Since 2012 ShamrockFC has continued to do events at Lumiere Place Casino, River City Casino, Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, and Ameristar Casino in St. Charles. Each year we put on 18 events between these 3 casinos with a mix on MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing.


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