Shamrock FC OnSlaught: Interview with "Vicious" Bobby Voelker

Recently John Edwards of Shamrock FC Radio had a chance to interview former Strikeforce and UFC Veteran “Vicious” Bobby Voelker. Bobby is preparing for his upcoming Main Event on the Shamrock FC OnSlaught card versus Cedric “Spiderman” Marks which takes place this Saturday Night at Ameristar Casino & Hotel in Kansas City, MO.

Shamrock FC Radio: Thanks for a few minutes of your time. You are fighting back in your hometown of Kansas City for the first time in a long time, how is training going?

Bobby Voelker: It’s going great, I haven’t misses a beat, it’s the same as it was when I was with the UFC, I’ve pretty much have been training for the past eight weeks, training hard every day and making sure everything is right. So I’m ready to go.

Shamrock FC Radio: You are fighting in your hometown of Kansas City for the first time in a long time. What’s it mean to you to have that opportunity again?

Bobby Voelker: It means everything. It’s my pride and joy to get the chance to fight in front of my friends, my family and my fans. All these people have been supporting me for the last fifteen, sixteen years of me fighting, it’s great to be back here to perform in front of them.

Shamrock FC Radio: You in the past have fought some tough opponents during your days in Strikeforce and the UFC, names like Lawler, Cote, Beniost, you are fighting a guy in Cedric Marks who not only can knockout his opponent but he can take the fight to the ground. What are you expecting Saturday Night and what will you do to prevent him from dictating the fight?

Bobby Voelker: You know what? I don’t care what he is gonna do. I’m going in there to do what I want to do, what I need to do, that’s how I’m going into this. He can’t hurt me, he won’t hurt me, and he can take me down that’s fine, I’m ready for that, we’ll go to the ground and I will beat him there too. So it doesn’t matter what he does, it’s what I am going to do.

Shamrock FC Radio: Do you have a prediction for this fight?

Bobby Voelker: A knockout!

Shamrock FC Radio: Bobby thank you for a few minutes and good luck Saturday night.

Bobby Voelker: Thank you!